Summary 2012 - 2013

Summary 2012 - 2013

  • President Mario’s project was to establish a sensory garden at the Mid North Education Centre. This was commenced in November 2012 and completed June 2013. Donations by the club for the Rotary year totalled $43,006. The acquiring and refitting of a new catering van, was made possible by a grant from Clubs SA and many man hours donated by PP Bryant Chivell and members.

  • The club picnic was held at Mambray Creek, with the new van in attendance, as well as members from the Rotary Club of Pt Augusta.

  • Bowls Night raised $1,500. The Club Board donated an additional $500 and a reclining chair was donated to the PP Hospital, through the Melissa Ward Appeal.

  • Local Directories raised $4,700. A 42inch flat screen TV was donated to Lealholme.

  • Errappa Camp was, again, the biggest project of the Vocational Committee. Club members donated board games as a resource for use at the camp. 25 children attended, and the Y’s Men covered the cost of the bus hire. The supporting Quiz Night this year raised $2,942.

  • A Vocational visit to Burnell’s Boxing Gymn was an entertaining visit, and especially interesting to note their work with troubled youth. It was noted that the gymn was in need of 2 new punching bags, and a donation of $600 by the club covered this cost.

  • The second Vocational visit occurred when we held a dinner meeting at the RSL and viewed the museum. The RC of PP donated $1,000 towards the cost of paving the helicopter display.

  • The Science and Engineering Challenge was deferred until August 2013. Similarly, RYDA was deferred until September 2013.

  • Rotary Adventure in Citizenship (RAIC) is a new project we have supported. It involves sponsoring a student to Canberra for 1 week at a cost of $1,000. The student is hosted by a Rotarian family and will experience the workings of parliament. Tom Rhode was selected on interview.

  • The Rotary Foundation of The Good Shepherd Academy at Capas, Luzon, in the Philippines is proceeding. This is a $9,000 project and we have forwarded payment of $4,500 the remainder to be covered by the Foundation. This project has another 2 years to run.