Exchange Students


youthexchangeThe Rotary Club of Port Pirie is very active with Student Exchange, both hosting and outgoing. We attribute our success to keeping the students involved in our Club and Club activities. They are expected to attend meetings when not away or at Rotary functions.

The feedback we receive is great in watching their personal deveopment throughout the year, and on many occasions we have had their family visit us for a truly cultural exchange.

Our Gallery is testimony to the success of this international program.
The students we have hosted and the away students can be seen in out Exchange Student Gallery HERE.
Please note that the search function on the main page does not search the student gallery or blogs. That can be done in the individual sections though.


We also have a new inovation, a seperate STUDENT BLOG section, where students past, present and future have been writing about their experiences.
The blog is a great way for students to keep every one informed as to what they have been doing, plus it will be a great journal of their stay that will last forever.

Just click on the International BLOG on the left hand side menu for some of the past students. You can also look in the gallery to see pictures of students dating back to 1963.
We commend this program to Clubs and offer advise should you require it.