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Wheatlands Project Report

The following report details the results of the Salinity Trial conducted as a joint venture between the Rotary Clubs of Burnside and Port Pirie.


New Catering Trailer

Rotary Club of Port Pirie – Catering Trailer


For the past few decades the Rotary Club of Port Pirie has catered for community and sporting events throughout the

Port Pirie area. This is done to raise funds used by our club to support charities and worthwhile projects in our

community. Other times we are simply asked to cater for sporting and community events to assist other clubs to run

an event or raise funds and we do this often at no or minimal charge to the individual club.

To achieve this we used our BBQ trailer which was also hired out for the use of clubs and individuals and a donut

machine which is used only occasionally.

Unfortunately, our BBQ trailer was very old and did not comply with present day OH&S and hygiene standards.


We therefore decided to build a new trailer which can permanently house two BBQs and incorporates a serving area,

storage areas and wash up facilities.


With the generous assistance of Clubs SA who provided funding of $6000 we were able to purchase a second

hand trailer and with the additional support of Neptune Fibreglass in Port Pirie modify it to our needs.


This new catering trailer will enable the Rotary Club of Port Pirie to continue to raise funds and provide community

services for many years to come. All funds raised will be spent in the local community.


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                              Old BBQ Trailer                                                                  New Catering Trailer        



                                                     Presentation by Past President Graham Nichols to

                                         Clubs SA President, Cameron Taylor in appreciation of their support

Bowell Scan 2011

Bowel Scan 2011

A Rotary Community Awareness Program


 In Australia about 5000 men and women die each year from bowel cancer and while it is rarely spoken about it can be treated successfully if detected early. It is the most common form of cancer in people over 40 years of age and about 12,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

 Early detection requires a simple Faecal Occult Blood Test used to check if any unseen blood is being past through the bowel. Bleeding may indicate the presence of early cancer or polyp, a small growth on the lining of the bowel that can turn into cancer.  The Bowelscan program is both an awareness and screening program that should be repeated annually.

 Along with the Rotary Clubs in Group 7 and the Rotary Club of Pt Augusta the Bowel Scan program was conducted for a second year during late March and early April.

 The results in the number of tests completed was disappointing after the success of last year and was most surprising following the amount of air time that bowel cancer was given in all facets of the media at the time. The Federal Government had advised that their program was not likely to continue due to the small number of kits returned for testing and this bought many specialists forward to comment on the value, not only of continuing, but to expand the federal program.

 The incidence of Bowel cancer continues to rise and yet it still remains one of the most successfully treated cancers when detected early.

 Our program this year supported this fact and locally there was a significant amount of publicity in the local newspaper as well as community adds on television, which covers the broader area of all the clubs involved.

 In addition, we met with Dr Abbott from Abbott Pathology in Adelaide who continues to support us by conducting the testing process.

 Rotarian, Dr G Pillay, has maintained his support as well by checking all results prior to notification being sent out by post. No positive results were identified this year, which, in itself is a great result despite the smaller number of returns.

 In our analysis of the response for this year we have identified two key issues to address next year. The letter drop conducted last year in both Pt Pirie and Pt Augusta was probably the one issue that put a direct prompt into people’s hands as a reminder and provided a better result than all other publicity. In addition we feel that because of publicity in other programs people feel that this is not something that they need to do on an annual basis. While this will be challenge for us to try and address in our promotion and will be difficult to address without direct comment in out publicity, the take up in the coming year will be watched with interest.

 Our program next year will expand with Clubs from Pt Lincoln, Whyalla and Roxby Downs all indicating that they would like to be a part of the promotion making a total of eight clubs being involved. For our part in Community Awareness, we hope it will be a good one.