Knitting for Africa

We are often asked by the who have donated knitting, "What happens to the items we donate".
Well... here is the story.

The Organisation we are supporting is called World Mission Aid and they area very busy group of volunteers sending all sorts of items, to many parts of the world. The jumpers you have supplied, along with other items, have been sent to: Madagascar, Burundi, Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda (5 different locations) Jordan (for the Iraqi refugees) and Israel (for the Ethiopian Falassa Jews recently collected from a refugee camp by the Israelis in a military style operation).

Children in Burundi, Uganda wearing new knitted clothing and baby holding knitted toy.
UNICEF, acknowledged as the world power looking out for the wellbeing of children since 1942, estimate that there are five million babies affected by AIDS in Africa, so we can never receive too many knitted items! All the consignees are pleased to help these poor little ones and their mothers or carers.

How World Mission began:
Pauline Kupke from Wudinna in South Australia came home on leave in 1991 from Mozambique, where she was working as a nurse at Maforga Christian Mission near Gondola. Hundreds of orphaned children were flocking to the mission as the horrors of war brought down the whole infrastructure of the country. Pauline helped look after the toddlers, nursing many of them back to health and giving them the love and comfort they so needed.
In Adelaide Pauline approached Jenny Hagger, director of House of Prayer For All Nations - Adelaide, and asked if she could send a shipping container of aid to the mission as their needs were desperate.
Jenny felt overwhelmed by the task and, besides, all the Australian shipping companies refused to send ships into the port of Beira because of the war. So she told Pauline she was unable to help.

But the idea would not go away Jenny began to feel the urging of God to contact friends. A small team
got together, purchased a container and in the next three months packed it. Then suddenly the cease-fire was signed in Rome and Mozambique was opened up to Australian shipping. The container finally left Adelaide and happened to arrive at Maforga Christian Mission on Christmas Eve. As the missionaries opened the doors they were overwhelmed with a sense of the love of Jesus.
Inside were desperately needed food supplies, blankets, medicine, 35 x 100 kg bales of clothing, household equipment, and toys for the children. On Christmas Day Jenny received a fax from the mission. It simply said, "You must be a very blessed people because it is more blessed to give than receive. Thankyou."
The timing of the arrival of the container had been in the hands of God. It was the first shipping container of aid to reach Mozambique from the southern hemisphere since the cease-fire was signed. Soon a second container followed, and a third. Photos were sent back of thousands of refugees receiving clothing for the first time in 20 years, of people suffering in the drought being given food, of a medical clinic helping the sick, and always the words "we feel the love of Jesus" kept appearing in letters of thanks.
From that one heart rending request from a country South Australian girl brave enough to remain in
Mozambique amidst great danger, came the birth of a relief aid organization that is now involved in sending aid to over twenty nations. The vision was birthed and carried in prayer. It is the same today. Every one of the sixty shipping containers sent so far have reached their destination safely despite the difficult obstacles that occur in sending aid to nations in need.
Today the work is overseen by a Board under the directorship of Jenny Hagger. It is made up of Christians from different denominations. Many of them have themselves worked on the mission field.
Extract fro the Website of Mission World Aid - Between 1992 and the end of 2007 Mission World Aid have sent out 77 shipping containers of aid to needy orphanages, hospitals, schools and medical clinics in third world countries. We are eseecially called to send aid to the difficult places that are challenging to reach.
Through all our knitters, the Rotary Club of Port Pirie is proud to be associated with Mission World Aid and with your support we will continue to be an avenue of supplying these warm garments to those in need.
We sincerely thank all those supporting this project, for the work you have done and for all that is still to come.