Haduan Water Ground Breaking Ceremony

Following on from the kind donation from Colin and Helen Davies of Peterborough, the people of Haduan Village are one step closer to having drinking water at their village.

While the rain water testing proved inconclusive, other avenues of supply were investigated. A source of water was found in a natural spring about 2Km? from the village.

On October 4th, 2008 members of the RC Dau D3790 held “groundbreaking” ceremonies at the Clubhouse and at the project site in the mountains near Clark Air Base in Pampanga.

Nine members were accompanied by our contracted engineer and his assistant as they trekked up to the village to ceremonially turn the first piece of ground.  The Aeta (the indigenous villagers) are so happy with the project.  Engineer Mike assured them of short term employment during the construction of the project which has now started, and will take about two months.

PP’s Sonny and Benny visited the Mabalacat Water Board where the manager, Francis Dimaliwat happily consented to accept the maintenance and sustainability of the project.

His board will monitor the water quality and provide chemicals should they be needed to ensure that the water remains potable.