Haduan Water

Port Pirie Rotarians wittnessed one of the most unselfish acts ever, at the meeting on the 27th of May. The actions of two Rotarians from another Club exemplifed the 4 way test in every way imaginable.

Rotarian Helen Davies and her husband Colin donated $2,000 to have water testing done in the Philippines. The money was in lieu of gifts at their wedding earlier in the year, and they have chosen the project outlined below to be the benificiary.
Port Pirie Club Rotarians visiting the Philipines in 2004 visited a village of Aeta, the true natives of the area. The Haduan village is located about 90kms north of Manila. In order to get to the village one must cross a hanging bridge.
And then trek up a mountain track and jungle (that's much steeper than it looks in the photo!)
On top of the hills are the dark, curly haired people that have moved away from the hustle and bustle of the cities below. That has created a few problems. One is the housing. The "units" pictured here are the donation from other clubs in Australia and Japan, and other than the occasional mud slide, are serving the people well. Every brick, post, and motar was carried up the bridge and "goat track" by hand. As was the drilling rig that was used to drill 4,000 feet, looking for water, to no avail.
What they do have is a large roof on a Community Building / School.... WITH NO GUTTERS!! When questioned about the rain water, they, and many other people about the province said that it was unfit to drink. This may be so, but it is probably a left over belief from the Mount Pinatubo volcanic eruption in 1991. Puting gutters on the roof is no major problem, and getting tanks to the top of the hills is not insurmountable, but there is no point if the water is not potable. So the first step is to have a base line test on the rain water quality. That and subsequent testing is what the donation is about. 

for your most kind and thoughful act to a poor people that suffer daily hardships we can only start to think about.