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Mobile Stage Rebuild

Rotarians gathered at the Rotary shed for further work on the mobile stage. The stage was decommissioned when it was considered that saftey aspects need to be looked at. Sponsorship from Zinifex and the Port Pirie Regional Council has made the refit possible.
stagepully An engineering firm was commissioned for the heavy work, a system of guy's, winches and hinges. Some salvaged screw jacks were fashioned to adjustable drop-down legs for the stage extension. This system replaces the manual method of loading the HEAVY extension onto the trailer.

Sponsors Zinifex and the Port Pirie Regional council have contributed to the rebuild.



stagewelding stagehot

Rtn. John did the welding.....

P.P. Bryant held the hot bits....

stagereading stagebbq
President Bob thought he found the instructions Someone had to cook the sausages... P.P Gordon and P.E. Owen