Summary 2013 - 2014

Summary 2013 - 2014

  • President Barbara’s year continued to promote Rotary within the local community, as well as maintaining our international projects. Donations to these causes totalled $37,467.45 this year. RC of PP donated 6 shelter boxes to the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, and $500 to RC of Dau to purchase mosquito nets.

  • The mobile stage had the protective canvas roof and sides replaced at a cost of $2,500.

  • We assisted a local family, who have a wheelchair bound child. The Variety Club provided the family with a new room, while we purchased and arranged the laying of linoleum, costing $1800. The family are very appreciative.

  • Bowls Night raised $1,400. This enabled us to support 2 local organisations, St Josephs Home and Uniting Care Wesley, with their projects.

  • Football gates raised $4,500 and our catering for the Baroota Buggy Races raised $1,500.

  • A $200 donation sponsored a student’s attendance at a 3 day basketball camp. $500 was donated to Meals on Wheels for Christmas hampers, and $200 to St John Cadets to assist with uniform purchase.

  • PP Ron Johns received the “Barry Trevorrow Award” for his support of the Christmas Pageant over many years.

  • Following the Bangor bushfires we catered for the “Ute Muster” and donated proceeds to the Bushfire Relief Committee.

  • An initial “Tag Along Tour” of the southern Flinders Ranges was held in June.

  • The “Tapari Wellbeing Day” was supported by us through provision of stage, marquee and catering. It was a busy, successful day and will be a biennial event.

  • The PP Regional Council will be replacing the town clock. Negotiations are continuing in order to retain naming rights.

  • A BBQ and shelter were donated and erected by the RC of PP for the Amity Youth Shelter, a refuge for homeless teenagers. A District Grant assisted this project.

  • $500 was allocated to the Rotary Club of Bali-Seminyak for use by farmers on the barren island of Nusa Penida.

  • The Rotary Club of Baguio was welcomed as another sister club to the RC of PP.

  • The Global Grant application for supplying “tractor-seeders” to South Sudan has been delayed due to conflict within the country.

  • Melbourne Cup “Trifecta” tickets were sold (2,024 tickets)with a $1,000 prize. This venture realised $2,700 profit.

  • Vocational visits to PP Regional Council’s Waste Transfer Station, and Spencer Motors Dealership took place.

  • The Science and Engineering Challenge was held in August. Kadina high School was victorious this year.

  • 3 students from John Pirie Secondary School were sponsored to attend the Conoco Phillips Science Experience at Adelaide University.

  • Chairman of Rotary Foundation committee, PDG John Rowe, oversaw local fund raising, via the sale of Christmas puddings, a film night, and a lottery. These realised $1,700. 22 Rotarians each contributed $100 as Centurions. 4 Rotarians contributed $1,000 each as Paul Harris Society Members.

  • The RC of PP has contributed $184,000 to the Foundation since charter.

  • The club has received 2 District Grants and 2 Global Grants this year.

  • PPRC contributed $2,850 towards the provision of TURPS equipment for the PP Hospital, in a combined project with Nyrstar and Lions.

  • Kits for Bowel Scan were distributed free this year, due to approaching “Use By” dates, and these were restricted to Pt Pirie and Peterborough. New kits have been ordered for next year.



I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members for their dedication, hard work and support they have given me through the year as President of your Club.

The Rotary Club of Port Pirie has enjoyed another successful year.

The theme for the year “ Engage Rotary- Change Lives” has in effect achieved that, through the projects, both local and International, carried out by the Committees.

I would like to thank the Directors for their work throughout the year and also their partners for hosting meetings in their homes.

The bowls night in January was another successful night organized by PP Warren Johns. This great fundraiser saw the generous donation of $1400.00 and gave our Club the opportunity to support two organizations.

  • St Joseph’s Home who will provide working stations for the elderly. This will allow the opportunity for Dementia residents to visit stations that will provide them with familiar settings such as woodwork stations, etc.

  • Also Uniting Care Wesley Country SA who ran a Swimming Camp in Wallaroo for children under the Guardianship of the Minister. This camp allowed the children to experience a holiday away from the strains and pressures of being a “foster child”.

Much appreciation and thanks must go to Jeanette Valente who organized the prize donations from local businesses. Many thanks to the Rotary Partners for their wonderful work in preparing salads and desserts for without the help of these dedicated ladies these fundraising events wouldn’t be successful.

The production of the Anzo Directories has been a working project of PP Andy Hern. This program continues to be a great income, which is spent on International Projects and the Rotary Foundation.

The Student Exchange program is greatly embraced by The Rotary Club of Port Pirie. Special thanks must go to the dedicated members who support this program, who, as host families and counsellors, take these students into their homes and hearts. To Rtn Peter and Dianne Arnold, Rtn Craig and Annette Rimmer, Scott and Judy Payne, Thank you.

This year Per {Pelle} Molander from Sweden has been a great ambassador for Sweden and also our club. Since arriving he settled into the Australian way of life with great ease, even though he disliked the extreme temperatures he has enjoyed the different lifestyles of his host families. He will soon return home with life long friendships whom he has made whilst here. We wish Pelle good luck.

It was great to see the return visit of past student Jonas Berli and his partner Franzi from Switzerland, 2007-08 who gave a brief talk since returning home. The new Rotary year will see two outbound students and three incoming students.

The Rotary Foundation Committee, under the leadership and dedication of PDG John Rowe, has seen a very busy year. We must acknowledge the Rotary Foundation Award 2013-2014 at the District conference for the projects carried out by our Club. With the sale of Christmas puddings and also the very successful film “ The Monuments Men” held at the Northern Festival Centre on 20th February was well supported by club members and the general public. The amount raised was $863.00.

Through the Foundation we were able to secure two District grants and two Global grants. One District grant was for a local project at Uniting Care Wesley Country SA in Port Pirie and the second for supporting teachers to work in local schools in Thailand. The total for these grants was $7400.00.

The Global grant for Sudan for 12 walking tractors is currently on hold due to the unrest in the country. The Rotary Club of Juba is helping to facilitate this project.

The club received a $3000.00 grant from Nyrstar to accommodate a prostrate screening machine. The Lions Club as a joint Community project also supported this.

Many thanks must go to Rtn Pam Menadue for her dedication in collecting funds from the Rotarians for the Centurion Club.

The Bowelscan program was once again carried out this year very successfully under the guidance of PDG John Rowe. Special thanks must go Dr George Pillay and Abbott Pathology for their commitment to this project.

Shelter Box is a project very well supported by our Club and even more this year so due to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. A total of six shelter boxes were donated from our club, some from private donations and some from club finances. Rtn John Ward also conducted fundraising for our sister club in Dau to assist with the devastation.

Under the Directorship of Rtn Rob Tolson the Vocational Committee has had a very successful year with all projects, including The Science and Engineering Challenge, which was won by the Kadina High School. This program is a wonderful learning experience for all students who attended and wish to pursue these avenues of study for their futures. The Citizenship awards were also a great way to spread the good work of Rotary through our local area and surrounding regions. The Club also supported the Science Experience. Thank you Rob and your Committee for all your good work during the year.

I must congratulate PP Denis Coad for his outstanding leadership role as Community Director, his committee and all they have achieved throughout the year. The Committee has been involved in many varying projects ranging from BBQ’s, football gates and the Baroota Buggy race to name a few. Assisting the St. John’s cadets with uniforms, Local Directories. Dennis’s idea of a Tag-a-long Tour came to fruition in May and proved to be very successful with other Rotary Club members attending along with local members.

I must thank PP Alan and Gwen Paterson for the use of their home for the Mother’s Day flowers, which was well attended. Thank you PP Mario and Jeanette Valente for the donation of the flowers and the Pirie Floral Art Group for their generous assistance in putting together the posies. The port went down very well thanks Alan.

The Youth Services Committee under the guidance of Rtn Greg Mayfield also had a busy year with their projects. RYDA, which provides school students valuable information about driving and Rotary Adventure in Citizenship. The Youth Services Committee also took the leading role in organizing the BBQ being built for homeless youth at Amity with support from the Community Committee. There was a donation of $500.00 for the goats program assisted by the Rotary Club of Bali, Seminyak.

Thank you Greg for promoting and sharing the great work of Rotary through the media into the community.

The Children’s Christmas party and Rotary Christmas party was enjoyed by all who attended. Also the Red Ned’s night, which is hosted by PP Brian Condon, is a wonderful fellowship evening. Mother’s Day was celebrated by holding a dinner at the Flinders Range Motor Inn. The Club committee was also responsible for replacing the canvas on the Rotary stage at a cost of $2500.00.

Thank you Rtn Lettie Allen for taking charge of the RotaryAnns/partners for the year, without the support of these wonderful ladies some of our fundraising would not be what it is, an example; the bowls night in supplying the salads and supper and assisting their partners at BBQ’s and other Rotary functions. Thank you ladies for your generosity in answering the call for help to cook for the firefighters who were fighting the Bangor fires. It was greatly appreciated.

The Rotary Club organized a photo exhibition of the Bangor Fire and Flood. The display was shown at the Port Pirie Tourism and Arts Centre for one month and will travel the state raising funds for the people affected by the devastation. The Community of Port Pirie has very well supported this exhibition. Thank you Rtn Greg Mayfield and Rtn Dannielle Camporeale for assisting me in this project.

Rotary also combined with the Southern Flinders Development Board to host another success night at the Southern Flinders Training and Business Awards held at the Port Clubrooms.

My thanks to Secretary PP Bob Ward for his personal help and advice given to me over the past year, and also to all board members who have supported me. Thanks also to PDG John Rowe for his encouragement.

To my husband Sam, I thank you for all your love and support over the past year and Dannielle, Gary and Kyle for your love, patience and assistance. Thanks so much.

In closing I wish to acknowledge Carol Rafael who asked if she could receive her Australian Citizenship at a Rotary Meeting with the members in attendance. Congratulations Carol. We wish you happiness here in Australia and a special thanks to Honorary Rotarian, Mayor Brenton Vanstone for responding to the request from Carol and officiating at the ceremony.

Lastly, I take this opportunity in wishing President Elect Graham Nichols and his team leaders a successful and vibrant forthcoming Rotary year. Good Luck

Barbara Camporeale

President 2013/ 14