Summary 2007 - 2008

Summary 2007 - 2008

  • President Trevor oversaw a busy year of club activities, committee projects and regular support aid within the community. Donations to Rotary Foundation, various international projects, and local causes totalled $28,000.

  • Fellowship was fostered through a number of social functions during the year. The Christmas meeting for members’ children and grandchildren was its usual exuberant success, and the Rotary Partners’ Christmas Night was, again, a good socialising evening. Both a Red Ned celebration night for the end of 2007 at PP Brian Condon’s home, and a rotating dinner in May were highly successful.

  • Printing and distributing the local directory realised a $2,000 profit, and manning the football gates $2,500. A seniors’ mobile phone and internet training course, run over 6 workshops and attracting 69 people, and supported by a Telstra Seniors Training Grant, realised $3,000 profit. This was coordinated by the Community Committee.

  • The RC of PP entered 3 floats in the Christmas pageant. Our long serving elephant float has been given to Apex for rejuvenation.

  • Bowls night was again well supported and raised $2,400.

  • A new project was initiated – collection and distribution of knitted items for needy children in Africa and Asia. PP Bob Ward coordinated. We paid for a TV advert to be produced, and Southern Cross Television aired this free of charge. Community response was so enthusiastic that we had to stop adverts! Goods came from as far as Broken Hill! Once stock was delivered to Mission World Aid, adverts were resumed and items continued to be received. This will be a lasting project for years to come.

  • The Beach Cricket Competition was held at Pt Germein. 16 teams nominated, however the March heatwave reduced spectator numbers. Feedback from teams and audience was positive, although a $2,000 profit would have been a loss had we not received a Drought Response Community Support Grant which covered our costs.

  • The club assisted, at short notice, with the Easter Motor Cycle Competition and the State Masters Games, a good service to the community and a combined profit of $2,600 assisted local charities and projects.

  • A container of computers and health equipment was forwarded to the Rotary Club of Dall, arriving in May 2008, with President Trevor there for its arrival.

  • The Philippines Water Project, supported by Matching Grant 6742 and RC of PP, is a reticulated water supply to Haduan village. PP Andy Hern coordinated the project. The Matching Grant was received May 2008 and matched by DDF District 9500 for the total of $10,450, with completion in November 2008.

  • PDG John Rowe arranged RI Grants to provide the CLE Literacy Program for Rotary Club of Dau (District 3790), and a CLE Literacy staff training for the RC of Metro, Venezuela District 3800.

  • An alliance between RC of PP, Boystown and the Australian Technical College allowed us to support a trainee from Boystown to attend the Australian Technical College. This support was received with gratitude by the young person involved.

  • A Science Expo was held in National Science Week. The Science and Engineering Challenge, again well attended by schools in the district, was held in June.

  • Webmaster, Owen Crocker, has raised RC of PP’s profile with his input into setting up the website, a continuing task, and one tirelessly managed by him.