Summary 2002 - 2003


President.............. Andrew Hern Club Service......................... Dennis Coad

Secretary.............. Mick Prest Community........................... Garth Zerbe

President Elect..... Dennis Coad International......................... John Rowe

Vice President...... Warren Johns Vocational............................. Neville Ferme

Treasurer............. Chris Keane Immediate Past President.... Bryant Chivell


o President Andrew gave a very comprehensive report at our changeover meeting on June 28, 2003 He recalled our major activities for the year, Polio Eradication Campaign, and Relay For Life. The Polio Eradication consisted mainly of the Garden Party at the home of George Pillay & Susan Dighton and a major raffle of goods. The Relay For Life was a celebration of Remembrance, Hope and Thanks and was conducted on Memorial Oval. He gave a glowing compliment to many members for their various contributions during the year.

o One of his main projects was to donate an Emergency Oxylog Ventilator to the Port Pirie Regional Health Service Staff, pictured left, receiving the machine

oOther important events under the guidance of Club Service were two Rotating Dinners, Intercity meeting at Port Broughton, visits to Sister Clubs, Children’s Christmas Party and the “Red Wine Night” at Brian Condon’s home.

o Community Service also had a busy year with support for the Annual Rotary Bowls Night, Christmas Parade, Smelters Picnic, Mothers Day Flowers, Football Gates and Business Directory.

o International Service had the main project of producing and distributing the biennial edition of the Directory of ANZO Rotary Clubs, maintaining our activity in Student Exchange. Stine returned to Denmark early in this Rotary year and soon after we welcomed Marie Andrieux from France. Michelle returned from Denmark and Leigh Hildebrandt left for the Netherlands. Skye Carwana was chosen to go to Belgium and Heath Wellgreen from Gladstone will be heading for Japan in January 2004.

o A donation was sent to the Blood Bank Society in Chandigarh in India via a member, Manmohan L Sarin of the Group Study Exchange Team who were here in 1976-77.

o President Andy and Rotarians John Banfield, John Rowe and Owen Crocker paid a goodwill visit to our Sister Club, the Rotary Club of Dau in the Philippines. A total sum of $3,000 was used to supply 8 swings and 2 seesaws to schools in the Angeles City area. (Please read a Special Report in the 47th Annual Report for the year 2002-03). The team cemented our relations with the Dau Rotarians and it is satisfying for our members to be able to see where some of our donations are actually going.

o Under Vocational guidance we sponsored a Science Expo during National Science week. We also won a District Vocational Award at the District Conference. Citizens Awards were given to Students at St Marks College, John Pirie, Gladstone and Booleroo Centre High Schools.

o At the Changeover Night Past Presidents, Stephen Lynch, John Rowe and Alan Williams (left) were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships and Bob Ward (right) was declared Rotarian of the Year.

o A special presentation was also made by Brian Condon who gave Paul Harris Awards to his two daughters Sonya and Evette and to their respective husbands John Caddy and Sam Arnold (pictured right—Sam is seated next to Joyce)

o Eleven members achieved the perfect score of 100% attendance this year. They are pictures at left.

o One of the most memorable events was the Seafood Extravaganza held in the lovely garden of George Pillay & Susan Dighton. This event raised a considerable amount of money through ticket sales and donations towards our Polio Plus project and was enjoyed by all who attended.

oLate in the year we received a visit from the fifth Incoming Exchanger Student in our Student Exchange program, Debra Harkins, who came from Le Seeur in Minnesota in USA in 1972-73. She still lives there and her husband John accompanied her on their trip to Australia to see their daughter who is studying in Adelaide.