Summary 2001 - 2002



President.............. Bryant Chivell` Club Service......................... Andrew Hern

Secretary.............. Mick Prest Community........................... Garth Zerbe

President Elect..... Dennis Coad International......................... Brian Hayes

Vice President...... Bruce James Vocational............................. Leigh Madigan

Treasurer............. Chris Keane Immediate Past President.... Stephen Lynch


o President Bryant gave his Annual Report at our changeover meeting on July 6th, 2002. He gave a glowing report on our wonderful fellowship and about a comment from a regular visitor who travels around due to his job and he reckoned we were the best club he had visited. He spoke of our major project for the year of the building of the Welcome Wall giving credit to PP Garth Zerbe for his effort in seeing it come to fruition. He gave accolades to all club officers who helped make his year a memorable one.

oIt was with great sadness that two of our Past Presidents passed away during the year. Paul Harris Fellow Bill Frith (left) and Paul Harris Sapphire Awardee, Maurice McBride. Both will be missed greatly.

o Paul Harris Fellowship Awards were made to Dennis Coad and Chris Keane for service to the club and PP Alan Williams was named Rotarian Of The Year for his fundraising and service to Rotary.

oChairman of the Club Service Committee Andrew Hern presented a comprehensive report. He spoke of a picnic with Peterborough & Clare Clubs. An excellent “Intercity” meeting at Port Broughton. The Annual Club Picnic at “Attunga”, the ranch of Mick & Joan Prest. The ever popular Rotating Dinner, the Combined Service Club Dinner, the Red Night at Brian & Joyce Condon’s home, the Children’s Christmas Party, the meeting with our Partners for Christmas, The District 9500 Conference at Clare. He thanked all other Rotarians for their contribution in the general running of the club. To Webmaster of the club, Brian Richards for keeping our Web pages up-to-date and for sending email messages from past Exchange Students to all fortunate enough to be on the email list.

o Garth Zerbe organised our participation in the Encounter 2000 visit of the Tall Ships. There was a need to make our Stage roadworthy and there was a regular use of the Marquee, Stage & BBQ. Rotary participated in the Annual Christmas Parade both with help on the day and our regular floats.

o A special Oxygen Concentrator was purchased and presented to Kate Stanley to help her cope with an extremely debilitating illness. Lyle Hill of Hills Home Supplies and Boral Gases were thanked for their contribution in helping the Club get the machine. Reports are that the family are ecstatic about the benefits and the improvement in life-style to all members of the family. Because of it’s silent operation everyone can sleep well again.

o Rotarians attended the Luncheon for the then General Peter Cosgrove at the RSL Hall. Help was provided for Lealholme’s White Elephant Stall, The Health Expo (largest in Sth. Australia), attended the Driver Reviver over the Easter Break, Mothers Day Flowers. Two major donations were made, one to the Regional Art Gallery of Port Pirie for improvements and because of this donation additional funding was provided through Arts SA. The second donation was for twelve Sebel chairs to dramatically improve the comfort for residents of St Joseph House Aged Care in memory of Past President Maurice McBride.

Brian Hayes, Chair of the International Committee told us of a major donation of $3000 through Rotary International to the Fistula Hospital for Poor Women with Childbirth Injuries in Ethiopia. The hospital was set up in 1974 by 2 Australians and has positively assisted over 17,000 young women.

o Our participation in the Youth Exchange program has continued. Arja Tiepuoli returned to Finland and Stine Elbæk arrived soon after from Denmark. She soon settled into the relaxed Aussie style of living with plenty of hospitality from many Rotarians who offered to take her to various parts of Australia. Her parents paid her a visit during the year. Beth Hiderbrandt returned form Germany and Michell Pearce left for Denmark. Our new incoming student Marie Andrieux from France will arrive in late July about one week after Stine leaves for home.

o Sales of our 21st biennial edition of our ANZO Directory slacked off in the second year but sales exceeded 18,000 books. The next edition will be distributed in December 2002 for the years 2003-04.

o As is usual for our members, they have continued to commit themselves to wider Rotary service. PP Philip Johns has been kept busy as Deputy DG for Group 7, D9500. PP Warren Johns is on the District Membership Development Committee and President Bryant Chivell is still Chairman of the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians.

o Chair of Vocational Committee reported they were active with RYLA and RYPEN and two participants were sent to Kangaroo Island for the YMCA camp. Three participants were chosen for the EDS science program. A new endeavour has started….a Steering Committee of which Rotary is a key player has been established and is meeting frequently. Funds are available for this project via various Government resources.