Summary 1999 - 2000


President.............. Alan Paterson ` Club Service......................... Stephen Lynch

Secretary.............. Trevor Vonow/Mick Prest Community........................... Philip Johns

President Elect..... Stephen Lynch International........ Peter Bickley/Brian Hayes

Vice President...... Peter Caddy Vocational............................. Graham Nichols

Treasurer............. Chris Keane Immediate Past President.... Geoff Stewart


o President Alan started his year with a wish list of four things in addition to our normal activities. They were — Fellowship, a joint President’s Project for the Millennium year, an increase in Membership and a new Float for the Christmas Parade. He was pleased to achieve these goals. The special events this year included an afternoon on the “One & All”, a special Red Wine evening at Brian Condon’s to farewell Peter Bickley, a dinner meeting at the Gladstone Jail with the Peterborough Club, which included a bevy of exchange students and their host and natural parents, the Combined Service Club Dinner at the Golf Club with the State Governor as guest speaker and the most ambitious and successful event was the Gala 2000 Dinner followed next day with a Picnic in the Park. There were 160 people seated for the dinner. Many of our Past Rotarians and Youth Exchange students including two from overseas attended as well as a number of our “Where Are They Now” participants.

o Our fellowship ability was applauded by our District Governor at the District 9500 Conference when he awarded our Club with the District Fellowship Award.

o One of our most popular annual events is our Rotating Dinner and this year was no exception. Another extremely enjoyable evening culminating in coffee and nibbles at the Golf Club for everyone.

o At the beginning of the year President Alan & President Elect Stephen agreed to work together to replace the old ‘worn out’ Rotary Clock in Ellen Street. An equal contribution was secured from the Port Pirie Regional Council to enable the installation of a new electronic display clock with an in-built thermometer which will display the temperature and the time alternately. It’s installation will occur early in Stephen’s Rotary year.

o The Intercity Meeting was held at Port Broughton and the guest speaker was the Sate Premier, the Hon. John Olsen. There was a good roll-up from our group of four clubs.

o A new Float, “Bill the Steam Shovel” was completed and was added to our Mr Squiggle and The Flintstones for the Christmas Pageant.

o President Alan announced the presentation of the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowships to Rotarian Peter Caddy and Rotary-Anns Pat Cretan, Margaret (Ron) Johns and Josie Richards for their long service as Rotary-Anns to the Club. Rotarian of the Year was awarded to Graham Nichols.

o Past President Brian Richards and his Directory Committee enjoyed a much quieter second year of the current edition. Sales have been very good with an excellent profit which enabled us to be involved with District 6800 in USA to erect 20 Low Cost Houses in India. We are expecting a progress report early in the 2000-01 Rotary year. RDU Supplies bought 5,500 Directories, a record number. The 2001-02 Edition will be produced in December 2000.

o It was decided by the Board to go ahead with an up-grade to our Internet Web Site. PP Brian Richards had some problems with what he described as a “Bureaucratic Bottleneck” but after nearly six months we now have a much more sophisticated Web Site and simpler Web and Email addresses. Our web address is and our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

o Our Internet Web Site has again been a great boon to our Rotary Exchange Students, both past and present. Many past students are enjoying the new Photo Pages which include photo’s of events soon after they happen, such as the Gala 2000 dinner. We had two past RES who were at our dinner. Nora Bounous flew all the way from Argentina just for the event and Kathy Mulhearn from California is now married and living in Adelaide. There were quite a few of our sponsored students who also attended the Gala Dinner. (more pictures on the photo pages which follow these)

o Student Exchange continues to prosper in Port Pirie with an excellent ambassador in Zara Zerbe, who is away in Germany this year. Lana Pearce (Canada) and Bridgett Leopold (Germany) returned in January after a successful year and we received a Student from Argentina in February, Nadia Engler. She was able to hear news from home when Nora Questa (nee Bounous) came all the way from Argentina for the Gala 2000 dinner. Nora was here in 1975 and she and Nadia live only 80 Kms. apart. In Argentina. Beth Hildebrandt has been chosen to go to Finland in January 2001 and Arja Tiepuoli is due to arrive in July, 2000 from Finland. She has already been in constant contact with Port Pirie families by Email.

o Vocational Service Committee was successful in sending Kayla Martin & Ricky Helmers to the YMCA Camp on Kangaroo Island. Rotary Citizenship Awards were given to Emma Joyce at John Pirie Secondary School, Leah Williams at St Marks College, Vicci Boulton at Gladstone High and Ebony Heard at Booleroo Centre High School. Marc Crouch was our RYLA Awardee. Lisa Adams & Damian Green, who were participants last year at the EDS Technology Forum in Adelaide, returned to address us. During the next Rotary year John Pirie Secondary School student Ammiel Kievit will be sent to the EDS Forum.

o Our “Where Are They Now” project has been steadily going along. Although many of those contacted are shy about sending us an article there is still a regular inflow from participants. This Millennium Project will be finalised with the production of a book at the end of 2000.

o This year we hosted a Group Study Exchange Team from Germany. They spent 4 days here and were an excellent group of Ambassadors for their country

o Six of our members achieved a perfect attendance record. They were Owen Crocker, Don Hausler, Philip Johns, Ron Johns, Warren Johns and Garth Zerbe.

o Many other events helped to make up this busy year. The usual hiring of the marquee, cooking barbecue’s, Driver Reviver, manning the gates at several functions as well as the football gate, help with a “Fly Inn” and Static Display at the airport, Mothers Day flowers and many others.