Summary 1994 - 1995


President................... Warren Johns Secretary....................... Alan Paterson

President Elect......... Philip Johns Vice President............... Dene Cretan

Treasurer.................. Dennis Coad Club Service.................. Philip Johns

Community Service.. Jim Gorey International.................. Ken Buckley

Youth......................... Garth Zerbe Vocational..................... Bill Akker


President Warren enjoyed a year which included many highlights. None greater than for the Club to be awarded the Conservation Award and the Rotary Foundation Award at the District 9500 Conference in Renmark.

o The Conservation Award was the result of a joint project with the Rotary Club of Burnside. They raised the trees and joined us to plant over 3,000 on Ron & Philip Johns’ farm. This project has also attracted some Government funding as it is a research project into combating salinity. A rabbit proof electric fence, powered by Solar power has been installed.

o The Foundation Award was won for the Club’s involvement with the Rotary Club of Dau in the Philippines and the provision by our club of a sum of $Aus.10,000. This sum has attracted a Matching Grant from Rotary International and a further application to the Federal Government for assistance is anticipated to result in a final figure around $Aus.50,000. These funds have been directed to a Youth Training Centre for the under privileged, which has been set up in the area so badly affected by the eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Our team of travelling Rotarians started the ball rolling last year and with the assistance of the Rotary Club of Dau we can be well satisfied that our money is reaching the right places. Regular reports are reaching us.

o Our major project for this year has been to erect our equipment shed at the airport. This has now been completed and all of our valuable equipment is under it’s protection. Maurice McBride and Gordon Martin together with some regular helpers were the backbone of this project.

o Stephen Lynch was in charge of Rotary Information which was well received.

o Successful Bowls night, Golf day and Rotating Dinner were all well supported and funds and fun were all part of these activities. The Conference was well supported by our members at Renmark.

o Andy Hern, our Catering Officer persisted with the card system and after some teething troubles the system is now working well.

o Other activities included a Lifeline Candlelight Dinner, Mothers Day flowers for the infirmed, provision of C.P.R. masks to C.F.S., upgrading equipment for our Stage &
B-B-Q. A cover for the stage is a priority for next year. Funds were raised from the Smelters Picnic, Country Music stalls, Speed Boats and Go-Carts.

o The International Committee organised the hosting of two Exchange Students, Shio Arai from Japan and Sophie de Vries from Holland. Emily Moffat is our Exchange Student in Japan for 1995.

o The 18th Biennial Edition of our Directory, under Chairman of the Sub-Committee Brian Richards, was distributed in December. Profit from this has reached about $8000 by the end of this Rotary year. A final profit of over $10,000 is expected. The next edition will be in December 1965. Rotary-Ann Margaret Johns helped with the keyboard work during the preparation.

o Gordon Chivell organised a trailer raffle which resulted in profit of $1300. I.P.A.C. was given $100 for the education of children in Indonesia. Mick Prest made contact with the Rotary Club of Austin, Texas, Port Pirie’s Sister City.

o The Club was involved with The Employ Australia Campaign and this resulted in some jobs being filled.

o Vocational visits were made to the Tourism & Arts Centre and Telecom.

o A special event called The 4WD Trek to the Simpson Desert was organised and 19 persons participated and apparently had a wonderful time. Shiho and Sophie now realise how big and barren some parts of Australia are. This could become a regular event

o John Rowe made special contact with Secondary Schools in the area establishing contacts and explaining Youth projects. This resulted in considerable interest in Student Exchange, both long and short, Summer Science School, R.Y.L.A. and other similar schemes. Money was provided to help the Police sponsor Graham Hand to do a training trip on the “One and All”.


At the Annual Changeover Dinner President Warren, on behalf of the Club, made several Awards.

o Firstly Russell Freak, Geoff Stewart and Nola Martin were all awarded Paul Harris Fellowships.

o Maurice McBride was awarded Rotarian of The Year for his exceptional efforts in several fields. As DG’s Representative he organised the first Intercity Meeting at Port Broughton for some years.

o Regrettably we lost some members this year including 2 Past Presidents. Klaus Neubauer to Alice Springs and Les Waddington to Adelaide