Summary 1986 - 1993


Mick Prest President Les Waddington Secretary


•A two year project to assist with funding of $10,000 for St John Ambulance in Port Pirie was commenced, with a donation of $5,000.

•Membership ..... 3 induction's ..... 6 transfers.

•International Committee has distributed 12,000 Rotary Directories and expects to make a profit of around $6,000.

•Our Club became a Founder Donor to "Rotary House" with a contribution of $1,000.

•A new club banner was purchased.

•Our Club Picnic was arranged to coincide with the visit of the Group Study Exchange Team of ladies, from Texas.

•The usual Fellowship and Fund-raising activities were consistent with other years. The Football was particularly successful raising $3,000.

•The Club undertook to paint the inside of the "Clock Tower" on the old Railway Station.

•An "Our Heritage" photographic exhibition was organised.

•Some baby capsules were donated to Red Cross.

•F.A.LM. membership was maintained at 100%.

•Frank Whitworth was named Rotarian Of The Year.

•Student Exchange ..... three students each way.

•R.Y.L.A. - Two of our Rotaractors were successful applicants.

•This year we had 3 successful applicants who were all chosen to attend the National Science Summer School.

•A grade 3 student was selected from the Risdon Park Primary School to attend the Y.M.C.A. Camp on Kangaroo Island.

•Promotional material and a video tape were obtained for distribution to secondary schools .... Rotary Adolescent Health Video "Think Twice".

•A student from Gladstone High was sponsored to attend a Seminar in Adelaide on Career

Opportunities in High Technology. .

•A successful Retirement Seminar was organised at the Northern Festival Centre.

•Our Club won the Clair Rogers Vocational Award at the District Conference at Alice Springs. for "Vandalism Awareness Project.



Wayne Jackson President Les Waddington


•The second payment of $5,000 enabled St. John to complete their Regional Communication Centre. A special opening function was held.

•Because of the popularity of Rotating Dinners two were held this year.

•Polio Plus was our major fund-raising target for this year.

•The Football Carnival realised $4364 this year. It's future is in doubt as the Port Pirie Football League are planning a new pre season format.

•The Club maintained its regular support for Community projects and interclub activities.

•Help was provided by running the Canteen for the Scout Jamboree in October.

•In lieu of one of our regular meetings a fellowship meeting was held at the home of Brian & Joyce Condon. It was programmed for mid January to suit the swimmers, particularly the children.

•During May about 50 Flying Rotarians dropped in for a visit. Good publicity was received from media groups.

•Two new R.E. Students arrived and three returned to their overseas homes. Two from Pirie have been chosen for next year.

•Concern was expressed about the difficulty in maintaining membership numbers in a declining population.

•In spite of reduced membership Rotaract hosted the Rotaract District Conference.

•David Brett was our selected student to attend the National Science Summer School.

R.Y.L.A. Awardees were Lynette Young & Grant Johns.

•Short Term Exchange with New Zealand continued this year.

•A Small Business Computer Seminar was held.

•Dene Cretan, George Tadros & Gordon Cheesman were made Paul Harris Fellows.

•Andrew Inglis from Crystal Brook received this year's Vocational Service Award.





Maurice McBride President Don Hausler Secretary

•Our commitment to PolioPlus culminated in a dinner at Port Pirie Racing & Trotting Clubrooms in honour of Phil McDonald, who has been riding his Pennyfarthing around Australia raising funds.

•Three Paul Harris Fellowship Awards were given to Mick Prest, Bob Newman and Geoff Nichols.

•Our major project for the year was to raise funds to supply a call system between each unit of the

"Charles Robertson Cottages" and the St. John Ambulance Communication Room.

•The Apex Club invited us to join them in running the Food Festival.

•Changes to the Football Carnival meant we only organised the catering and

manned the gates. We continued manning the gates for the remainder of the season.

•Rotary Directories netted a profit of about $5,000.

•Julianne Casey was chosen for R.Y.L.A. .

•Brian & Joyce Condon attended the International Convention in Seoul, Korea.

•Membership gained 5 and lost 4 during the year.

•Two new Probus Clubs were formed in Port Broughton - one for Ladies and one for Men totalling about 50 members in all.

•Sale of Bingo tickets at dinner meetings was introduced to raise funds.

•Rotary Exchange continued strongly with 2 incoming and 2 outgoing.

•In spite of only 9 members, Rotaract successfully organised the Combined Service Clubs Dinner.

•Career Opportunity in High Technology Seminar was attended by Ashley Hollitt and Tom Lehmann, both from Gladstone High School.

•A training course was organised for the C.S.F. crews in how to use their new First Aid Kits.

•The members were saddened by the sudden passing of a respected and valuable member, Ian Christall.



John Rowe President Don Hausler Secretary


•The Presidents Project this year is the provision of two shelter sheds on the embankment of Solomontown Beach.

•Christmas meeting broke new ground with the discovery of the “Do It’s”, a group to remember.

•The ever popular Rotating dinner was held again.

•The group Study Team from East Africa was hosted by our Club…. The highlight of their visit was a BBQ Meeting held at the home of Brian and Joyce Condon.

•Wayne Jackson has been chosen as Leader of District 950 G.S.E. Team to pay the return visit to East Africa. He has also taken over the position made vacant by the late Ian Cristall, on the District Committee for Student Exchange

•The C.S.F. / St. John Training Day was again organized.

•This was the second year of the combined Apex - Rotary Food Festival.

•The Football Carnival was similar to last years.

•Manning of the football gates was continued this year.

•A special bicycle was presented to spina bifida sufferer, Leigh Birrell.

•Tables and chairs were provided for Port Pirie Airforce Training Corps.

•Trestles were provided to the Scouts Association.

•RYLA Awards were provided for Gina Mezzino, Greg Scarman and Craig Hutchins.

•Short Term Student Exchange with New Zealand continued.

•Long Term RSE saw two arrive and two leave for overseas.

•Rotary Directories have made many International Projects possible ........ donations to Rotary International Foundation has enabled two Paul Harris Fellowships to be awarded to Wayne Jackson

and Don Hausler.

•Seven new members inducted and four have moved away.

•John Banfield has been chosen as Rotarian of the Year.

•Several records were set this Rotary Year and Calendar Year for

the formation of Probus Clubs. Convenor Brian Richards ably assisted by Brian Condon and some other Probians organised the formation of two Clubs for Ladies on August 28 followed on November 28 by the formation of a second Men's Club for Port Pirie Three new Clubs in as many months and in the case of the Ladies Clubs it was the first time two clubs were formed on the one day. Together with the two Port Broughton Clubs earlier in the year, a total of five Clubs were formed during 1989. As a result, well over 200 new Probians are now enjoying the fastest growing fellowship in Australia.

•School Awards were again provided for the High School in Gladstone and Port Pirie.

•Provision of $300 to Port Pirie High School to allow 6 students to attend Kilburn Training Centre which provides general support skills to students who lack support at home.




Peter Franks President Don Hausler Secretary


•The President's Project for this year is to be a two year project in co-operation with President Elect John Banfield .......... to provide a Skate Board Rink.

•Maurice McBride was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship and Gordon Martin was rewarded for his dedicated work in Rotary by the presentation of a Sapphire Paul Harris Lapel Emblem.

•Philip Johns was selected as Rotarian of the Year.

•The Rotating Dinner and two successful Bush Dances were enjoyed by all who attended.

•Monitory assistance was provided for Nazareth House, Camp Quality, 3rd Port Pirie Scouts, Port Pirie Amateur Swimming Club, Orana, Mission to Seamen, Dekkers Teenage Night Club and Pets as Therapy Scheme.

•The Football Carnival, Football Gate Roster, Golf and Bowls were major Community fund raisers.

•One special effort was the manning of the gates for the visit by the MCC England Cricket Team.

•Rotary Directories were again printed and distributed.

•It was a sad year for our Student Exchange Programme. Nina Haertel from Germany, who was being hosted by Gladstone, had to return home unexpectedly early in her year when she developed Multiple Sclerosis. We also hosted another student here and sent two away.

•The Air Training Corps received further help in setting up their Clubroom.

•Jason Price attended the Science & Technology Seminar at "The Levels".

•David Felici of St marks High School attended the National Science Summer School.

•The R.Y.L.A. recipients this year were Dean Semmler, and Glenn Vonow. One of last years awardees, Gina Mezzino, had a role in running the Camp this year.

•There were no applicants for the Short Term Exchange with New Zealand.

•A vocational visit was made to the new ABC Studios here in Port Pirie.

•Brian & Joyce Condon attended the Rotary International Convention in Mexico City.

•Four disadvantaged persons were able to participate in a training trip on the "One and All" vessel by support from our Club.





President John Banfield Secretary Alan Paterson

•This year saw a new innovation with President John awarding a Paul Harris Fellowship to a person in the community, as suggested by Rotary Foundation, as a way of promoting and publicising the 75th Anniversary of the Foundation. Nancy Wood received this distinction.

•Rotarian of the Year was awarded to Don Hausler.

•Brian & Joyce Condon attended the R.I. Convention in Orlando, Florida. At this Convention Brian was elected as President Elect of the International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians.

•Six inductions were made but we lost seven for various reasons.

•Vocational visits were made to Automatic Print, Police Station and Golden North.

•The Charter of the Laura & District Probus Club (mixed) brought our total to seven now formed. Membership in these clubs is approaching 500 bearing out the claim that Probus is the fastest growing Fellowship in Australia.

•Our Club Picnic was held at Woodward Park this year.

•Other events were ...... Rotating Dinner, Football Carnival, Football Gate Roster, Mothers Day

Flowers, Video for Mammograms Screening etc. `

•The Inaugural Go-Kart Grand Prix was held. Rotary was involved in erecting grandstands and manning ice cream stalls.

•Our Club won both the Districts 9500 & 9520 Adelaide Bowls Tournament and the local Service Clubs Round Robin.

•Meeting 1809 was a 100% night.

•Club equipment was improved by remodelling our P A System and the Podium. Two tent frames and covers were also added to our equipment.

•We maintained our consistent record of hosting 2 R.E. Students and sending 2 overseas.

•The Combined Service Clubs Dinner was organised by our Club.

•Christmas Ladies Night saw the final appearance of the famous "DO-ITS" who were ably assisted by RES's Jun & Tuomas.

•New Years Eve Party was held at Gordon & Nola Martin's home.

•A special Luncheon was organised for a visiting contingent from Brazil.

•The economic climate is being blamed for the lack of interest in The Mid North Regional Group Training Scheme and the C.R.A. Summer Science School.

•Changes to the S.A. School System to four terms has disrupted the Short Term New Zealand Student Exchange,

•Two youngsters were selected and sent to the Y.M.C.A. Camp.

•The Food Festival was cancelled due to inclement weather.






President Klaus Neubauer Secretary Alan Paterson


•This year was a year of steady achievement. The many usual Rotary functions and projects raised substantial funds which were distributed widely. An amount in excess of $7200 was distributed to many projects, the major ones being the Bone Marrow Support Foundation, Red Cross - Local Facility, Kevin Hamilton Heart Foundation, Skin Cancer Research Foundation, two special beds

to Nazareth House, Peter Nelson Leukaemia Fund, a donation towards the purchase of a Fast Dubbing' machine for the Paper Talk Group in Port Pirie, who provide audio tapes of the Recorder for sight impaired people and also gave a special trailer to the Pony Club.


•Rotary international was allocated $4790.

•At the changeover Meeting held on Thursday June 24th, two Paul Harris Sapphire Awards were given to Brian Condon and Brian Richards for their many years of dedicated service and involvement in many different fields of Rotary. Paul Harris

•Maurice McBride was given the Rotarian of the Year Award. Sapphire Award

•Rotary Golf and Bowls days were important days on the Rotary Calendar.

•Manning the Football Gates again contributed to our fund-raising.

•Two Rotating Dinners were held and because of their popularity it is proposed to hold two more next year.

•The Children's Christmas Party, Ladies Christmas Dinner Dance and the famous Rotary New Year's Eve Party at the Martin's residence were highlights of the Festive Season.

•A special American Thanksgiving Night was held in honour of our RES Leah Mercer from USA.

•The 17 th biennial edition of the Rotary Directory was produced and distributed this Rotary year. Over 15,000 were sent out and at the time of this report about 12,000 had been paid for returning a profit to date of about $6000.

•Two RES returned from overseas and one returned to USA. A South African student is still with us and one of our Students is in Germany. In January we received a visit from Nora (Bounous) Questa and her husband Henri from Argentina. Nora was a student here in 1975-76.

•Three new members were inducted and two members were transferred in their work. Charter member Jack Lewis resigned due to ill health.

•Rotary joined other Service Clubs in providing more than 3000 meals in Ellen Street during the Gas Company's 100 Year Celebration. As a consequence the Combined Service Clubs donated approximately $10,000 towards Heart Beat and the Port Pirie Hospital.

•Rotary and Apex again combined to run the Food Festival. Each club received $5000 from this venture.

•Help was again given to the Go-Kart Grand Prix. The grandstands were equipped with wheels by Rotary and can be relocated more easily.

•A mobile Barbecue has been built and negotiations are in hand to build a larger equipment shed.

•A carton of 1,000 syringes was sent to Russia via "Project C.LS." to help improve the health of Russian Children.

•A booklet, "Guidelines for Board Members" was produced which included a removable section of guidelines for R.E. Students and their host families.

•This Edition of the History of the Rotary Club has been compiled during the year and will be completed in time for the District Governor's official visit. It is hoped to upgrade it every five years. All members will receive a copy and future new members will be handed one when inducted. A

photographic section of Past Presidents and Past Exchange Students is planned as soon as all material is gathered.

•Five year 10 students were sent to the Siemens Summer Science School and two R.Y.L.A. awardees were also accepted to attend camp.

•A successful "Pride in Workmanship" program was held culminating in a special Rotary meeting for the presentations to the fourteen young recipients.

•Several Vocational visits were made with the highlight being a visit to the Submarine Corporation construction sight in Adelaide.