Summary 1966 - 1976

The following brief History of the Rotary Club of PORT PIRIE was compiled following a suggestion by D.G. Bob Perryman. It is presented in note form for quick reference.  The history is the result of considerable effort by Past President Bill Frith, with assistance in preparation by Club Service Chairman Peter Griffin.

1966 - 67
Graham Murphy   President, Arthur Dawson   Secretary.

Inauguration of Careers night for Port Pirie.
Port Pirie is the first Club in Australia to host a student from Argentina.
Combined cabaret at Port Broughton Hotel with Kadina and Clare Clubs.
Social events   Annual Ball, Bowls at Alford Club.
Directories profit $800.00.
Asian Nurses training scheme   two nurses at Port Pirie Hospital.
Careers Night Y.M.C.A. Building, August 29th.

1967 - 68
Max Sibly   President, Col Noble   Secretary.

Planning was done for a modern beach pavilion, providing ladies and gentlemen's changerooms, for submission to the city council and supported by a donation of  £4,000 towards the cost. Estimated cost of the two year project was in the vicinity of £24,000.
Club decided to further increase donation to £5,000 because this would attract a further subsidy of £5,000 from the Government Tourist Bureau, totalling £10,000. Careers Night was most successful, some 600 children received counselling on careers available to them.
Exchange student was Ricardo Pujada Badell the first ever from Argentina.
Tom Whitworth returned from a year in U.S.A., host club, the Monchis New York. John Potter's application, as exchange student received, preference Japan.

Group Study Exchange Team from District 552 in New Mexico visited us for dinner meeting and tour of town and district.
Club strength now 44 with 4 new members inducted.
Rotary conference at Berri, 10 members and wives attended.
Annual Rotary Ball again proved most successful.
Combined cabaret at Wallaroo Motel with Kadina, Clare and Maitland Clubs.

1968 - 69
Bill Frith   President, Geoff Evans   Secretary

The highlight of this year was plan for a modern beach pavilion, supported by a donation of £5,000. This was achieved on the 12th June, 1969, when a cheque was handed to his Worship the Mayor, Mr. H.B. Welch.
Donation of £400 received from Port Pirie Lions Club to be used in the Beach Pavilion Construction.
Port Pirie Flying Group held an Air Pageant at Port Pirie aerodrome 23rd March 1969 realising £1,000, Football Carnival realising £360, Bowls Carnival £200. Rotarians and ladies raised £250 on an excellent "Brides of the Year" function which was held at the International Hotel.
Careers night most successful again. 500 children attended.
S.A. Police training wing addressed advanced students of both Port Pirie High School and Technical High School (180 and 100 students respectively).
Group study exchange team from District 542 U.S.A. under leadership of Michael Groth (Rotary Club of Idaho Falls) visited us.

The Rotary Ball with a Honolulu theme was most successful.
A ladies night was held and Interclub visits took place to Kadina, Maitland and Kapunda.
Also a Combined Social was held at Port Broughton Motel, clubs participating, Kadina, Maitland, Kapunda and Clare.
Club Directories proved financially successful.
Interclub golf and bowls played against Kadina.

1969 - 70
Brian Condon   President, Geoff Evans   Secretary.

Operation clean out collected $1,250 worth of useable medicines which were sorted and despatched to West Irian.
Lightning Football carnival most successful, and able to present $611 to Womens Basketball Association.
Nomination of Brian Cunningham for Rotary Foundation Group Study visit to Utah was
accepted by District Committee.
Our two Thai nurses transferred to Adelaide Hospital.
Interclub visits were, again carried out including both golf and bowls.
Careers Night was again held successfully. Orroroo and Snowtown were invited to attend.
Rotary Foundation now 600%. $300 donated.

1970 - 71
Don Middleton   President, Bruce James   Secretary.
Brian Condon   President, Bruce Jams   Secretary.

Formation of new Club at Peterborough.
Port Pirie Club strength now 47.
International Convention in Sydney (World Convention).

Football Carnival proved most successful, providing enough
money to place four oil heaters in Lealholme Old Folks Home. Careers Night was most successful. R.Y.L.A._ was well supported.
Directories proved good income for Club.
Group Study team stayed four days in our area, participating hosts were well rewarded for their effort.
Asian nurses scheme - the two Thai nurses have completed their training as single certificated nurses and new at Queen Victoria Hospital in Melbourne.
Student Exchange - Two sponsored students John Potter and Ruth Hams returned from Japan and U.S.A. respectively.
Football Carnival again raised $807. Six new members inducted.

1971 - 72
Ray Naulty   President, Gordon Craig   Secretary.

Eight new members were inducted. The Ball was a "Whizzer".
Peterborough gained its Charter on November 20th 1971, as result of efforts by
Gordon Sando and Bryan Dowling.
Fund raising Football carnival $600, Bowls carnival $150, golf day $60.
Careers night at High School provided success again.

Interclub visits Peterborough and
Kadina and also a visit from Clare Club.
information nights guest speakers proved most interesting.
Apprentice of the Year Award organised by all four Service Clubs. Thanks go to Harry Tucker for his services.
Rotary Youth Leadership Award made to two young people who went to Mylor Camp. Directories profit came to $1,234.48 this year and will continue into following year.

1972 - 73
Bruce James   President, Geoff Evans   Secretary
District Govenor nominee for 1974 - 75 was Past President Geoff Evans.

Joint major project with Lions Club was Senior Citizens Recreation Centre. Town Council gave block of land corner of Gertrude and Alexander Streets plus $10,000 to establish this centre. Rotary Club made available total of $7,138.82 towards estimated total cost $65,000.
Club lost 6 members and inducted 7.
Dinner dance Port Broughton Motel, Members and wives from Kadina, Clare, Peterborough and Pirie Club  was enjoyed by all.
Student exchange programme - Two students overseas while Club has two U.S.A. Students. Fund raising projects for this year totalled $5,536.42 while the Directories once again proved most fruitful.

1973 - 74
Eric Williams   President, Geoff Nichols   Secretary.
District Governor Geoff Evans.

Inducted 8 new members 4 members were transferred from out of city.
84.44% weekly attendance.
Fund raising was approx. $2,500.
Justice of the Peace - a list was made and publicised which should prove helpful to our community.
Rotary hosted the Combined Service Clubs Meeting held at B.H.A.S. Clubrooms.
A change of venue for meetings from the International to the Exchange Hotel was a popular move.
Profit from Directories cam to over $1,000.
f $1,000 to Rotary Foundation brought total contributions to 700% plateau.
Port Pirie Rotarian John Thomas was Leader of District 250 Group Study Team which terminated their exchange with East Anglia District 108.
Two exchange students away in U.S.A. and Taiwan. Gladstone High School agreed to assist in hosting a student through Rotary.

1974 - 75
Vern Potter President, Geoff Nichols   Secretary.

Five new members were inducted but unfortunately we also lost five.
Group study exchange team from District 745 proved successful.
Nurses Swimming Pool project at Hospital  funds raised and donated $4,000.
Flying trip to Ceduna and visit to local club was most constructive and entertaining, along with other in club visits proved successful.
Fund raising again successful through Football Carnival, Golf and Bowls.
Royal District Nursing Soc. approx. $800 was donated towards new car. Directories brought in over $1,400 profit.

1975 - 76
Gordon Martin   President, John Plate   Secretary.

The presentation to the Board of Control of the Port Pirie Senior Citizens Club of a cheque for $3,174.41 was our final contribution towards a project which was shared with the Lions Club. The final cost of this magnificent building was $164,919.49.
Another activity was the erection of a swimming pool at the Nurses Home at a cost of $12,000.00.
Further counselling of Asian nurses "Annie Toh" by Geoff Stewart.

Appointment of Bruce James to District Vocational Committee.
Further assistance to Mission for Seamen to purchase a bus and donations to P.P. Scouts Association, Jaycees parade float, P.P. Hospital barbecue functions all received good support. Club visits to other Rotary Clubs
area, also interesting meeting at Port Broughton, flying trip to Mildura on three light aircraft.
Five new members were inducted although 14 were lost through transfers and resignations.
P. D. G. Geoff Evans was Made a Paul Hart's Fellow
Steps were taken for the formation of a Rotaract Club.'
Rotary Foundation contributions resulted in elevation to 800% plateau.
Student exchange programme was very busy with up to 4 students here and away at one time. Club Directories were produced and distributed.
Football and Bowls Carnivals sale of beer tickets were successful money earners for the Club. Four bowlers from the Club, Bernard Condon, Sid Cheesman, Harry Tucker and Bill Frith won the District 250 competition conducted at the Adelaide Bowling Club.